Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost done moving.....

I am almost done moving into our new little yellow house. I am excited and can hardly wait to get settled. It is wild that I moved out here with a Toyota Corolla full of stuff and now I have car loads and I am due for a good garage sale. My company helped me move all furniture this morning, which I was so greatful to have 3 guys come over with a huge truck to help. I am exhausted from the week and greatful for great friends who have helped me. This is the 4th time moving in a year for me!
Our new little house is yellow with a sweet porch, patio, grill, lots of sunshine, a view of Vail and a awesome neighborhood full of wonderful people. So I have a weekend ahead of unpacking and taking stuff to the thrift shop. I am thankful to have 2 wonderful roomates to share life with. I will be sure to post some picture of our new place. Does anyone want to guess how many roomates I have had ?

Monday, April 27, 2009


So... it does not look like Mexico is going to happen. I was supposed to leave on a work trip to Mexico on Thursday. The Center for Disease Control is advising agaist all non-essential trips to the Country due to the Swine Flu. I am so looking forward to some warm weather, I guess I will have to wait. I am still in the throws of moving and will move officially on Wed to a new place in town. I am looking forward to being done with boxes and cleaning. Thankful for the help of sweet friends.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amy Wevadau's Wedding

Hannah Yeakely, Betsy and I

Hannah is my college room mate and I love this girl! It was wonderful to see her and Steve, catch up on their first year of marriage and laugh together. I love these people.

This last weekend I went to Amy Wevadau's wedding in Denver. There was a huge storm that hit Denver. It was wild driving down there. The orginial venue shut down due to power outages, so at the last minute the venue was changed to the other side of Denver to a church. Their family and friends rallyed to change the entire event just a few hours before the wedding.... jut one of the adventures of living in Colorado weather. Amy had a beautiful wedding and at the end of the day all the people she loved were there and she is married! Congrats!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blog update.......

Sorry for the absence in the blog world… I am back on it! So a little life update for you all. The mountain has officially closed, so things naturally slow down, the sunshine is out so we pray for lots of snow melting so the summer can begin! I am grateful for sunshine and long runs after work right now, until the next spring storm. The last month has been great. I was in Texas with Jonathan, Mandy and Eli for Easter and had a great time. The wildflowers were beautiful there and we had a sweet time just hanging out and all of us being together. Oh yes, and of course Miss Ava is too much to handle, is talks a ton, she is putting words together and is full of life and laughter.

As far as the next month goes- I move next week – April 29th into a cute yellow house on the bike path. I am so excited for a little more space, a patio to entertain and more space for more people.

April 30th- May 4th I will be in Mexico for a work trip, I know someone has got to do the job. May 4th Jonathan comes into town for a month. He will be there May 4th (will meet me at the airport in Denver) and will be here thru May 31st. Jonathan will be staying with Carol and Doug and some other wonderful people from church.

May 7th - 9th - Wedding festivities for my dear friends Ann & Travis’ wedding in Estes Park, Co.

May 9 or 10th- Jonathan and I will meet up with my friends Steff and John Winder who used to live here and now are on staff with the Navigators at Oregon State- dear friends and precious people- can’t wait to see them.

The rest of the month I will be working, playing hard, and spending time with Jonathan and friends before he leaves to minister in the Middle East for a few months.

May 28th- June 7th I will be in California for a few weddings ( a friend from high school and my cousin Justin’s wedding) & My cousin Nicholas graduates from UCSD Medical School in San Diego. I am looking forward to the first week of June to be with family and friends.

I am looking forward to the next month being full of being with wonderful people.

Oh yeah… did I mention that Jonathan is the boy that I think is pretty great?

I will post pictures & ramblings along this next month......