Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mountains, Moving & Marriage......

Sorry for the major delay in posting. Hoping to start posting more. Lots going on! Things are going well. Still working at a job that I love and I feel so grateful for my time spent here in Vail. I have a wonderful community of friends, a Church that I love and a job that I really love being at. It is always bitter-sweet when the end of a season begins to come, but most of it all Sweet. I will look back on my time spend here and remember all that God did, how much fun I had, wonderful friendships and sweet memories wrapping up single life. Life in the mountains has been wonderful and I will miss all that there is to be missed when you have the outdoor access to the Gore Range! AND... I can't tell you how excited I am to MOVE and to be MARRIED!

So... I will be moving to San Antonio, TX (Texas Hill Country). Jonathan and I will be in working with Chi Alpha, a inter-denominational on-campus Christian Fellowship Organization at University of Texas, San Antonio. Jonathan has currently been working there the past two years working to pioneer a new ministry with a team. I will be there to join them in the 3rd year (Fall 2010) and I can't wait to give my life to young college students who are trying to find their way in this world.

Jonathan and Johnny (UTSA Campus Pastor & Friend) will be moving all my stuff from Vail to San Antonio at the end of March. I will then move to San Antonio after Ski Season in April and be back and forth wrapping up my job until mid-June. I will be back in Cali mid- June to spend time with family and friends before I am married July 25.

Marriage! We are trilled and almost 5 months away. We know that our engagement has been a little longer that some, and we are grateful for the time as we have had a lot going on with moves, jobs, beginning new ministry and life. Jonathan will be here Friday for 12 days. We are looking forward to our time together and our time with friends during his stay. We are grateful for your prayers as we make decisions, move, plan a wedding, and learn move about how to love each other well.

I will be in California with my mom and my sister Feb 25-March 2 to do some wedding planning and dress shopping, I know it will be a full, wonderful time with family and friends. Love each of you, thank you for your continual prayers. Much Love!