Friday, January 25, 2008

The Yellow Rose of Texas

This picture touched me this morning as I thought about my Grandmother Schlenker and how much she would have loved this picture. She was a true cowgirl and loved Texas. She loved yellow roses and would always sing..... The Yellow Rose of Texas.

There's a yellow rose in Texas
That I am a going to see
No other darky knows her
No one only me

She cryed so when I left her
It like to broke my heart
And if I ever find her
We nevermore will part

And continues:

She's the sweetest rose of color
This darky ever knew
Her eyes are bright as diamonds
They sparkle like the dew

You may talk about dearest May
and sing of Rosa Lee
But the yellow rose of Texas
Beats the belles of Tennessee
She's the sweetest little rosebud,
That Texas ever knew
Her eyes are bright as diamonds,
They sparkle like the dew,

You may talk about your Clementine
and sing of Rosalee,
But The Yellow Rose of Texas
is the only girl for me!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

update 2008

woooh! 2008! here is a little update. i was in california for christmas and had a great time with friends and family. lots of people were out of town so i didn't get to spend lots of time with my central coast peeps however, i had amazing time with my family. the day i flew into slo airport, it was one of those stunning central coast days, 75d, light cool breeze- you know the deal. i stepped off the plane and sherry and mandy were there to pick me up. i was greeted by lots of love and was sent off with lots of love by my mom dad and brother. the holidays were more simple than years past. miss ava lynne made her first appearance in california. my mom really tried to not make a huge dinner production at every oppoutunity and to really focus on just being family. it was a blessing to just be with family, laugh and hang out with each other. ava's little life added a lot to all of us and seemed to have brough a refocus of simplicity to our family. the day i flew into denver, 1-70 was closed, so i was trapped in denver for a few days. i was able to spend my new years eve with a friend from college, melissa. we had a great time together getting caught up on life. the day after i drove up from denver, my cousin, evan flew in and spent the last few weeks with me. we had so much fun! we skied,cooked, laughed and did what families do..... evan was great to have here. my roomates and i woke up to fresh coffee and a spread of amazing breakfast platters every morning. shoveled our snowy drive way, mopped our floor, cleaned, ran a snowshoe race with me....etc.... man it is so nice to be taken care of and have the extra help. thanks evan- we miss you already.

i look forward to 2008. 2007 was full of lots of changes and transitions. it was fun-but there were some of those "stretching pains" at times. not that it is over, just glad to have 2008 be here. there were lots of highlights in 2007. what will 2008? hold, i guess that is the question we all ask ourselves. i am thankful to be living here almost a year, jan 17th. i am incredibly greatful to the lord for all he has done and the provision he has had in my life. the gentle nudges, the loving words, the questions awnsered and not awnsered and the friends he has given me here. i am greatful for it all and wait on all he has for 2008.