Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stewarts back to Colorado & Heading to Cali for the Holidays

Ahhhh..... I had a great weekend having Eli, Mandy and Ava here the past four days. We had lots of laughs and a great time with each other. Mandy and Eli were able to ski on Saturday and I got some good time with Ava. Sunday we all rotated skiing and watching Ava. She is the best little girl ever! She has the sweetest demeanor and is just a sweet baby. I would have loved to have them stay another few days. Oh well, I will see them again in California in a few days. I head back to California on Saturday- Can't wait to see everyone! Looking forward to running on the beach and praying for some good weather ;)

Here are a few pictures. Eli has most of the pictures from the weekend, here are just a few....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Family Coming to Colorado

Yeah, I am super excited- Mandy, Eli and Ava are coming here tomorrow and will be here thru Tuesday! I am excited to have them here and of course love on Ava ! This picture is when she was 4 days old, now she is 4 months old.I will be sure to post some good pictures when they are here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am the Modern Christian

Eli and Mandy posted this on their blog. Their friend Duncan wrote it....

I am the modern Christian.
I say I know God, yet do not take the time to know Him.
I say prayer is good and Godly, yet I do not have time for it.
I say church is good, but the music, message, and lighting should be perfect. I say I go to church, yet do not know I am the church.
I am the modern Christian.
I find it hard to worship when the guitar is out of tune.
I find it hard to worship when there is no music.
I find it hard to pray on weekend nights.
I find it hard to know God, yet claim to know Him.
I am the modern Christian.
I believe in the Bible yet think its standards are too high.
I believe that God is just, yet think everyone is basically good.
I believe that missions are good, yet leave it up to others.
I believe in giving it all up for God, yet pursue my own dreams.
I am the modern Christian.
I know exactly what to say to the lost, but have no idea what to say to God.
I know about denying yourself, but cannot miss my favorite show.
I know about sacrifice, but will not inconvenience myself.
I know I am saved, but do not know what I am saved from.
I am the modern Christian.
I think the child in Africa needs Jesus more than my neighbor.
I think the man who gives up sweets for lent is holy, but the man who fasts from food for two weeks is a radical.
I think that crying is good during altar calls for others to see, but not in my own room for God to see.
I think being called to work for God is good, but would gladly give it up for a higher salary.
I am the modern Christian.
I wait on my calling in life, and will not venture out until I get it.
I wait for a miracle to happen, but don't believe in performing them.
I wait for my friend to get saved, yet will not make dinner for him.
I wait on God's timing, yet do everything my way.
I am the modern Christian.
I call God's laws good, but find them impossible to follow.
I call God's name holy, yet run to Him as a last resort.
I call the Word of God inspired, yet have never read it through.
I call others lost, yet am not aware my own depravity.
I am the modern Christian.
Redemption is a way to rid myself of faults.
Conviction is when I feel guilty about my actions.
Sanctification is a word I do not understand.
Salvation is my ticket into Heaven.
I am the modern Christian.