Thursday, October 25, 2007

Long lost triplet....

My friend Melissa Turner sent me a email the other day. She was in the Dr.'s office and was reading a triathlon magazine and came across the above picture. She thought that Mandy or I was in the magazine. She took a picture with her phone, it is a bit blurry- you can see the resemblance, looks like a Schlenker with short hair. I suppose it is the crazy curly blonde mop on her head and the mouth. Thought It was fun for Melissa to pass this along. What do you think?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Marathon, Family, Wedding Events and Snow!

Wow! The past few weeks have been really full! Last Sunday (10/14) I ran the Denver Marathon. It was an eventful race! 34 degrees, rain and wind blow the entire way......It was cold and rainy and I finished. Overall the race was great, had great music and lots of beautiful leaves and parks. I am thankful it was not my first marathon experience, it could have but a damper on future marathons. The weather kept spectators in so the finish line was pretty anti-climatic. Mandy found me at mile 21 and ran the me to the finish line! It was so fun to have her with me the last stretch. My family was a great support to have. My Dad has signs and was on the side of the road cheering me on, Dad's are great for that.


My parents, sister and niece spend that last week here with me in Colorado. It was wonderful to have them here and to have them see my life here. We were spend great time with each other, laughed a lot, teased a lot, had the first snow of the season, went snow shoeing (so fun!) , played with baby Ava and talked about how great she is, cooked with each other and just enjoyed being family!It was great to have my family meet my friends, see my life, church and what is going on here.


My friend Carol got married this weekend. It was a great weekend full of events! There were 2 full days of events leading up to the wedding. Carol and Doug have amazing family and great friends, which made for a wonderful wedding! It was great to see all that God has done in their lives to bring these two together and it has been great to walk life with Carol as God has prepared her for marriage. I will post some pictures later.


Yes we have had the first snow of the season! It snowed about a foot over the weekend, it is beautiful! Everything is covered which made for some great snow shoeing. More snow to come. I guess I better get ready to start shoveling and scraping my car.....I wish there were some great guys across the street to come shovel our driveway!


I will follow-up with pictures. My sister was the picture girl this week, so I will have to wait until she sends them on.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend in Telluride, Co

Some friends and I decided after work on Friday that we should go to Telluride for the weekend. It was a last minute weekend adventure to the San Juans. The San Juan Mountain Range is amazing! All the mountains in southern Colorado are jagged and really severe. The Aspen trees were peaked- the colors were incredible against the snow capped mountains. Ann, Melissa and I had a great time together. Thank you Jesus for a refreshing weekend of great conversations and fixing our hearts on you!

Also- My family will be here this Friday! My parents are driving out from Cali and then we will drive into Denver to get Mandy and Ava. My brother, Ryan is planning on driving out here sometime next week. I am running the Denver Marathon on Sunday- so you can pray I finish and my body is protected from injury. It will be great to have some family support!

I will keep you all updated on the week of the Schlenker Family Visit to Colorado..... there could be some stories......My mom is hilarious! How much you want to bet she drove out here with loads of Trader Joes food for me and the latest deal she found at Marshalls! I love it.... you gotta love Lynne Schlenker, she is a gem and one of a kind! Love that Mama!

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