Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Travis & Ann's Wedding in Estes Park

This last weekend I was in my friend Ann & Travis' Wedding in Estes Park, Co. It was a beautiful wedding in EVERY WAY. They have the most incredible friends and it was great just being in the midst of all the people that they love. They had a worship service on Friday evening before the wedding, which was incredible. We all left the Church and it was lightly snowing. The forecast was for rain and 50 degrees on Saturday. We woke up to bring sunny skies and 65 degree weather. Thank you Lord! It was a stunning day and It was memorable to be apart of the weekend. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Jonathan has my camera, so I am unbale to upload mine from the weekend, which I will do soon.

Beautiful Couple. So Ann and I operate on many of the same levels. I did her hair for the wedding. She has a curly mop like I do. We started doing her hair at 10:05 for a 10:30 wedding. We pinned some curls up, thew a Vail on ( which she forgot at her house and had to send someone out to get) and touched her naturally beautiful face with a little make up and the girl was good to walk down the isle. I loved it!
She was beautifully adorned, but it was sweet to not obsess over little details and be consumed with vanity on that day.

This is Tommy and Debi Schneider. He is my pastor here at Calvary Vail Valley. These two are PRECIOUS, WARM, JESUS PEOPLE LOVING, VIBRANT, FILLED WITH LAUGHTER PEOPLE. I am so grateful to have them and be apart of this Church. These two know how to laugh and have fun and I am so thankful for that.

This is Carol and Doug Wilson. Everything that Carol puts her hands to is amazing! She did the flowers for Ann's Wedding and did a incredible job. I love Carol to pieces- I met Carol working at Kanakuk Colorado 3 years ago. I love this girl, she is warm, incredibly hospital, fun and challenges my heart in so many ways. This girl loves deeply.

These are some of my favorite people here in Colorado! Love every single one of them to pieces!

AND THIS IS MR. JONATHAN! This is his first real introduction to the blogging world.... welcome Jonathan! ha ha ...... look at those blue eyes! So Jonathan is here for the month of May. He is staying with Carol and Doug. This week he is in Costa Rica him and some of his cloest friends are in the Jungle this week. They are helping build along with a variety of other tasks for a single 65 year old female missionary who has has been serving there her most of her life. I am sure it will be a incredible trip! He will be back on Friday.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So the news is out....

Mandy and Eli are having a baby! The baby is due Dec 9. I am so excited for another niece or nephew! You can check The Stewart's Blog.