Monday, October 26, 2009

272 Days until I am married!

Guess What? 272 Days. Until. I marry Jonathan. I can't wait! Jonathan and I have another 9 months until marriage- engagement so far has been wonderful! It has been so sweet to dream together of what life will look like and think about what God has in store for us. I am looking forward most to togetherness and doing life with each other. Laughing, cooking dinner and the daily things of life you get to experience when you live with someone. Jonathan has a wonderful-full-of-life personality and I think life will never be boring or same old with the life ahead of us, thank you Jesus! Most of you ( my friends that read this) were married 5+ years ago and it is hard for me to remember all that you anticipated when you got married, what did you like most about engagement and what is your favorite part of marriage? For those of you not married- The Lord has someone so incredibly knit together perfectly made for you, pray, wait and live out all that the Lord has for you right NOW. So for my single sisters, I waited, most of you know my story.. Jesus is faithful! So for you girls, any encouragement?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jonathan's Birthday Weekend

Jonathan was here in Colorado this weekend! We celebrated this brithday, which is actually today! We had a wonderful weekend. Jonathan took me out to dinner a few times, we went on hikes, I cooked some yummy fall meals and a cheescake for J's Birthday. It was so wonderful hanging witht the love of my life and best friend!


Mandy came with me to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was able to go down on a vacation that my work gave me, which was pretty sweet. Mandy and I had not had that kids of total sister time since 04', just the two of us. It was wonderful! We sat by the pool, rested, read, talked, went on walks and ate too much chips and salsa. The weather was wonderful and we had a blast together! It was a nice break from the blustery snow that rolled in to Colorado while we were in Mexico!