Sunday, June 6, 2010

A little update...

It seems that the blog is now currently based on updates alone ;) Perhaps that will change someday. For those of you who have not given up checking here are a few things that I have been up to the past few months:

* I spent 3 weeks in San Antonio In April/May. It was a great time with our future family & friends. Jonathan and I did some of our premarital counseling, We were able to see Mandy & Eli and go to Sea World, ate killer Mexican Food... what else.. oh Yeah Looked for places to live. Our time was wonderful and really full, that is the name of the game right now ;)

* Jonathan and I were in California for a week with my family. We made a trip up to Yosemite to wrap up wedding details, taste food & cake and get excited about our wedding! We also snuck a quick morning trip to Yosemite Valley to see all the stunning waterfalls.

* My trip to Cali involved finding another wedding dress, that is right my wedding dress that was made turned out HORRIBLE! and finding Jonathan a suit, his pants came in a 40 waist. ha!

* Jonathan left for the Middle East and will be back July 7th.

* Wrapping up work here in Beaver Creek- Soaking it up.. I love my job here and will miss all the wonderful friends, co-workers and perks!

* Enjoying the beginning of the beautiful Colorado Summers!

* Staying with my sweet friends Carol & Doug before I leave for Cali in the beginning of July.

* Excited to call San Antonio home....


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