Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Life has been so full and wonderful! In March I went home to be with my family. It was a great time at home with my family.

Jonathan was also up for a visit in early March, we were able to spend some incredible time with our friends here in Vail, sharing our hearts about Campus Ministry in San Antonio. That's Right- Jonathan and I are thrilled to be working with young people and sharing the passion and love of God with college students from around the world. We are so excited to leap into the life God has called us to and there is nothing else I would rather be doing that serving and loving Jesus with my best friend and future husband!

My time at home was really sweet. I went shopping for my wedding dress at Down the Aisle in Arroyo Grande. There was something so sweet about going to my hometown to try on wedding gowns. I was with my mom, sister, niece and sister in-law. It was a really sweet day, I really did feel like a little girl trying on so many stunning dresses. My mom took us to lunch at Gina's in the village to top my sweet hometown day. My mom made it a extra special time for me while I was home! I have the best Mama on the planet, she still take such WONDERFUL care of her kids! She is one of those women who is just as fiesty as she is tender and sweet.

My longest childhood friend, Megan and Mama Mary gave me a really sweet shower with my mom's friends and all the girls I grew up with. What a special day, so much love and generosity!

I was able to go to Calvary SLO on Sunday and it was so SWEET. Such a beautiful church, thank you Lord for Calvary SLO! I missed all those precious faces that I lOVE so much and just want to grab all the people I love so much and plant us all in one place... Ah my eyes well up with tears thinking of all those I love here and at home!

So March was a full month!


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